Breast enlargement is something that is here to stay with us from generation to generation. It is because women have learned that they do not have to settle for small breasts when there are ways to increase the size. While some women may opt for surgical processes for breast enlargement, the process is getting less and less popular because of the cost, the side effects, and the pain associated with it. Many women are turning to natural ways of increasing their breasts. While one is at home, there are a lot of ways they can improve the size of their breasts without straining.

Home Remedies To Bigger Breasts

Some of the ways that you can increase the size of your breasts at home include the following.

Breast Massage Using Breast Actives:

This product comes as a package made of two products and a workout plan; it has dietary supplements and cream. The cream is gently massaged onto the breast. The ingredients present get absorbed into the breasts via the skin and thus trigger breast growth as mentioned in many Breast Actives cream reviews. In these Breast Actives cream reviews, you get to understand that the ingredients present, when coupled up with a breast massage, positive results are inevitable.


There are special breast enhancement exercises that are tailored to affect the size of your breast as well as the firmness. You can do exercises like bench presses, chest presses, wall presses, rotating of the arms, and so on.

Eat Right:

Food is very vital for the body’s growth and development. Even so, not every food will help in breast enlargement. Therefore, increase the intake of foods that are rich in estrogen. You can increase intake of beans, soybeans, wild yam, and so on.

Use Wheat Germ Oil:

Other than just Breast Actives cream; you can also massage your breasts with wheat germ oil. It prevents breast sagging and is rich in vitamin E. The breast massage will also increase blood flow to the breasts and consequently the supply of nutrients. This increases the breast size.

Drink Tea That Is Rich In Estrogen:

You can take saw palmetto tea on a daily basis. It is rich in phytonutrients and amino acids which are vital for breast growth. You can also make tea from fennel seeds and red clover.

Use Fenugreek:

You can make a paste using fenugreek powder and massage your breasts with it, or you can use fenugreek oil for the breast massage.

These are various ways you can use to get bigger breasts while at home. They are easy ways and will give good results.

Use Other Natural Breast Enhancing Products:

There are very few authentic products that actually use all natural ingredients and are actually effective. One such product is Brestrogen. Read more about it here: